Christian Education and Discipleship Opportunities

Saint Hilary’s Christian Education Philosophy

The Episcopal Church as the “growth in the knowledge, service, and love of God as followers of Christ that is informed by Scripture, Tradition and Reason.” 

Christian Formation

It involves a prayerful lifetime of worship, continuous learning, intentional outreach, advocacy, and community service. The study of Holy Scripture, mindful of the context of our societies and cultures, calls Episcopalians to seek truth while remaining fully present in the community of faith. We believe that it calls the church to develop new learning experiences and equip people as disciples for life in a world of secular challenges while carefully listening for the words of modern sages who embody the teachings of Christ. Lifelong Christian formation in The Episcopal Church is a journey with Christ, in Christ, and to Christ.

Christian Education is seen as an integral part of a holistic view of Christian formation, centered in Baptism and shaped by regular reception of the Holy Eucharist. Whether in a classroom setting, intergenerational gathering or formal worship service the themes of gathering, story-telling, prayer, personal sharing, and going out into the world to serve form the basis of education. 

Each congregation discerns what curricula and program best suits its context and need for educating all ages, with the Baptismal Covenant a model for learning and living out one’s faith in daily life. Education for all ages is grounded in scripture, tradition, and reason.

St. Hilary’s offers Christian Education for children, youth and adults  

Our Children are nurtured in a safe, Christian environment designed for growth from birth to college. 

Our Nursery is staffed each from 9:45am-12:00pm Sunday with well trained, caring women.  Each staff member is required to have a clean background check and complete courses in First Aid and Safeguarding God’s Children  before beginning their work with the children.  They care for the children in nursery, read books with Christian content to the children and protect them until they are taken home by their parents.  A beeper system is available to notify parents if a problem arises with a particular child.

Elementary School

WeBelong and Children’s Church are staffed with volunteer members of the parish who feel called by God to serve the educational needs of our children.  They are all called to make WeBelong a place to grow children in Christ. They are required to have a clean background check and complete courses in First Aid and Safeguarding God’s Children  before beginning to work with the children.  Their curriculum is thematic – teaching the persons and content of our Christian belief via crafts, reading of sacred stories and often enacting the stories that are being learned.  These children return to worship with their parents and a brief conversation with our Rector about what they have learned.

Middle and High School

YOSH or Youth of Saint Hilary’s is designed for our middle and high school students.  This is also a volunteer led Christian Education program taught by persons who have a clean background check and have completed courses in First Aid and Safeguarding God’s Children.  Working with teens is a challenge.  Our program includes times for wholesome Christian Fellowship, learning and community service.

If you are interested in working with our youth, please contact our Rector to discuss how your time and talent might be used in a helpful way with our youth.