March 2013

“We adore you, O Christ, and we bless you
Because by your holy cross, you have redeemed the world.”

This month we get to walk through the last day of Christ’s “human” life. Every Wednesday we sit together as a parish, eat, and then participate in the Stations of the Cross. This is an important practice for us for many reasons. The first reason is the gift of fellowship we receive. We are not strangers to getting together but often the reason for getting together is more celebratory. This month we get together during the gloomy season of Lent. It is not Easter yet and we must walk through this time of lamenting and repenting. Walking this path with each other allows us to connect on levels not experienced before. It is one thing to walk with someone during a celebratory time but it is something completely different to walk with each other during the darker times. There are, of course, benefits to do doing this. Do you remember the last time you felt down? Who was there to help you through it? How different would it be if that person hadn’t been there?

The second reason these Wednesday nights are such an important practice is the walking of the Stations of the Cross. Together we recite the walk of Jesus to the cross. Together we cringe when Jesus is sentenced to death, worry as He has to carry his cross, sigh in relief as Simon of Cyrene carries the cross for Him, we flinch as He is nailed to the cross and we cry as His last breath escapes Him. This liturgy allows us to connect to Jesus at His most vulnerable moment, His death. It allows us to walk His last day with Him, giving us an insight that we do not normally get. Together we realize the true sacrifice and pain that Jesus went through for us. This is an opportunity for us to experience the true cost of God’s gift.

Take some time this Lent to walk with your fellow parishioners. Let us, together, walk with Christ on this painful journey to the cross and remember His sacrifice for us.

In God’s Ever-Present Love,

Mother Kelsey