Men's ministries

Men of Saint Hilary's 

Saint Hilary’s is a vibrant parish within the Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida.

The parish offers leadership in the Fort Myers Deanery with members active in ministries such as: Altar Guild, Episcopal Church Women, Men’s Action Guild, Vergers Guild, Diocesan Youth Ministries, Cursillo Movement of Southwest Florida, and various Diocesan Boards and Councils.

Saint Hilary’s seeks to prepare our parishioners, whether youth or adults, for leadership in lay ministry as witnesses and servants of God rooted in scripture, theology, community service and the reflective practice of prayer.  

Our worship, ministry and community life is characterized by intentional commitment to the mission of the parish which is: “to make known the love and kindness of Jesus Christ to all people, within our congregation and in the wider community, through worship, service and compassion.”  

Currently, Saint Hilary's is experiencing growth in multiple areas. We are pleased and excited to invite others to join us in our pursuit of the parish mission: especially through our worship and ministry, Christian education and formation, and responding the Church's call to mercy, love and social justice.