St Hilary's is friendly, the priest is wonderful and the family like atmosphere is so refreshing! Will be back!

Lori Uhrig

Warm, friendly people, wonderful rector, amazing choir!

Iris Mitchell

St Hilarys is one of the most Loving Welcoming churches in the Ft Myers area ! Everyone is welcome ! It has a variety of services for all ages ! But most importantly when you are there you feel the presence of God ! It's a very special place!

Beverly Swanson

Come join us at St. Hilary's. Our congregation is very friendly, and everyone is welcome here! Services are at 5 pm Saturday, 8 am and 10 am Sunday, with coffee hour after both Sunday services.

Diane Kindle Rief

Come visit one of our services- you will feel as we do what a blessing
to worship in our beautiful church,
our amazing Fa Charles and lots of
members to welcome you.

Ann Cassidy