Who We Are


We are a diverse group of people from many different walks of life, different ages, races, and economic means. We encompass a broad spectrum of political views. We, at times, seem an unlikely gathering of folk. But we do share several common perspectives.

The first is a deep and abiding love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We may experience and articulate this love differently, but we have a common bond of a shared faith in the Son of God.

We see our diversity as a blessing, albeit not without occasional difficulties. We find that sharing our own unique experiences of the Risen Christ helps to strengthen and broaden each of our own, as well as our corporate, relationship with Jesus.

We know that Christianity is not just an individual journey. It takes all of us walking hand in hand through this journey we call life to fully realize our ministries. We have experienced the renewal and strengthening that comes from taking the love of Christ out into the world in service to those in need. We have shared the joy of helping a person find their individual calling and ministry.

We also know that our ministries in the world require a grounding in corporate worship. We find comfort and strength in the worship of the Church, centered in the Eucharistic celebration. We find healing and peace in the prayers and petitions of our sisters and brothers.

We know that God seeks us in body, mind, spirit and strength. We rejoice in the ability to come together and lift our hearts and minds in worship of Him. We praise God in Word, Sacrament and Song.

But mostly, what is important to the congregation, is the Love for Jesus we share with each other and claim for our own.