February Birthdays and Anniversaries

Please keep the following parishioners in your prayers this month:

February Babies

2: Julie Corbin, Jill Crocker and Brenda Wendland

3: Diana Pinto

5: Donna Dunham, Samuel Bell, and Mike Gee

6: Jane Echols

9: Patty Walker and Katie Streater

10: Reinhold Spicker

11: Aiden Franz

12: Libby Jones

13: Ben Walker

14: Evie Sumerall

16: Glenda Vittone and Paula Kalemeris

17: Kenneth Warner

18: Ted Tripp and Theresa Meagher

19: Dean McIntosh

20: Hilary Tripp

21: David Wyly

22: Beverly Wagner

25: Amanda Sanford

26: Bonnie Kezer and Ron Danielson

27: Joan Boudreaux

28: Ruth Meredith and Karin Winter

February Couples

14: Dick and Helen Misener

22: Rodger and Marian Shawcross

29: Walter and Janet McCallum