March Birthdays and Anniversaries

Please keep the following parishioners in your prayers this month:

March Babies *

2: Dick Babitt

5: Ann DeLong and Anne Brown

6: Joanne Wolff

7: Muriel Bowers and Damien Chin

8: Mackenzie Canney, Lulu Ebelini, and Robin Stansel

10: Ila Norrad and Diane Siess

11: Connie McCormick

12: Ann Rice and Danny Vidrine

15: Dana Schutlz

16: David Davis, Lola Secary, Darlene Tompkins,Eddie Lewin, and Joey McVety

19: Marge Osburn and Megs Singer

20: Lee Wolff and Barbara O’Neill

22: Diane Homison

24: Ed Bell and Abigayle Sanford

25: Libby Maxwell and Randy Finley

26: Duncan Jones

27: Sam Nickolich and Mary Dolan

28: Lynn Casper

29: Pat Smith

30: Sue Moore and Emma Field

March Couples *

5: John and Susan Connell

7: Skip and Janie Hooker

11: Hank and Lucy Fenske

16: Nick and Penny Ranson

19: Paula and Heather DiMeo

21: Jason and Sara Latti

Bill and Mary Akerly

25: David and Connie McCormick

26: Chuck and Betsey Lunsford

27: Bill and Lou Eversmann

31: Michael and Sonia Hayward