Vestry Update from the Rector


1)     The Vestry of St. Hilary’s has been reorganized into six ministry areas, with at least two vestry members responsible for reporting on the activities of the ministry teams. The purpose/goal of each ministry area is “to support the Spiritual Growth of Saint Hilary’s Faith Community.” (Fr. Charles is consulting on each ministry area as needed.)

Carol Gault & Jo Lane – Ministry of Liturgy / Worship / Praise

  • Altar Guild, Vergers, Acolytes, Lectors, Intercessory Prayer Leaders, Eucharistic Ministers, Choir, & Musicians

Kristina Hodge & Lori Urig – Ministry of Preaching / Teaching / Christian Formation

  • Christian Ed, Youth Group, Nursery, Confirmation Prep

Ross Maxwell, Nancy Terrell & Lori Urig – Ministry of Fellowship / Hospitality / Incorporating New Members

  • Seniors, Men, Women, Coffee Hour, Foyer Groups, parties

Pat Jacobson & Kristina Hodge – Ministry of Community Care / Growth & Renewal

  • Outreach to Ft. Myers & World, In-reach to Congregation

Jim Lavoie, Ron Donaldson & Jo Lane – Ministry of Pastoral Care

  • Eucharistic Visitors, Stephen Ministries, Daughter of the King, Hospital visits, Funerals & Weddings

Bob Casper, Chuck Lunsford, & Lorain Beckmann – Ministry of Administration / Stewardship / Sacred Space

  • Finance Warden, Year-Round Stewardship Chair, Rector’s Warden, People’s Warden, Sexton, Rector

2)     The Vestry renewed its commitment to the Youth Ministry at St. Hilary’s including: finding and designating a space for the youth to call their own, the exploration of options for dedicated and targeted youth ministry, and increased use of the youth at the 10:30 service while also featuring the talents of the youth in special youth services.

3)     The Vestry has committed itself to explore options for a more robust webserver and updated website to attract guests and new members.  This will be a 3-month process.  Any parishioners who have expertise in website development and / or internet marketing strategies are invited to contact Fr. Charles to volunteer assistance.

4)     The Vestry committed to the use of Constant Contact as the electronic source of information.  The “News from the Pews” will be continued and copies will be mailed via “snail” mail to those not having email access.  Fr. Charles has begun an electronic weekly reflection via Constant Contact to support this effort.  Those interested in using Constant Contact for their group or ministry are invited to contact Chris at the church office.

5)     The work on the roof of the Church, Education and Music Wings continues.  We are rapidly approaching the amount of monies on hand to perform the repairs.  Issues that require more extensive repair have been met.  The estimate for completion of the entire project is now $200,000 rather than the $100,000 initially proposed.  This means that funds will need to be generated soon.  The sale of the “sexton house” will generate some funds, but that amount will not be sufficient to pay the Diocese back the $100,000 loan and cover the overage amount.  More information on this issue as it is known.

6)     The Vestry has engaged the work of revising St. Hilary’s “Vision and Mission Statements.”  Any feedback on the Vision and Mission of St. Hilary’s please email or jot down thoughts and send them to Fr. Charles.

Your Vestry

The vestry is a group of parish members who oversee the church and its operations. The vestry assists the rector (pastor) in defining the mission and direction of the church. The vestry also promotes  and maintains the church and is responsible for church finances. The vestry is elected annually by church members. Vestry meets monthly on the third Sunday at noon at church.  All are welcome to attend.

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