Worship: What to Expect at St. Hilary’s

Greeters will meet you at the entrance

At Saint Hilary’s we believe that there is a theology of welcome and hospitality.

Besides “love one another,” the clearest imperative of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is to offer hospitality and meet people where and as they are: 

• We greet each worshiper at the door of the church

• We offer information about our faith, our worship and our community

• We set out our finest linens and silver to honor the living Christ in our midst. 

• We welcome all into our fellowship

Shape of Worship 

In any given week our worship services reflect a variety of styles designed to match the spiritual needs of the congregation.  Our Liturgy (the work of the people) features communal singing, praying privately and out loud, listening to Holy Scripture, listening to a prepared sermon / homily, taking Holy Eucharist / Communion and thanking God for all his gifts to us.  

All are welcome to fully participate in our worship services.

Organist, Choir Director and Choirs

Choir is a musical ensemble of singers, led by a director and accompanied by organ and other instruments. St. Hilary’s has an adult and children’s choir who perform liturgical music which spans from the medieval era to the present sacred music repertoire. Joining our choir is easily arranged with an introduction by the rector and a meeting with Lester Erich our Choir Director.

Diversity of Worship Opportunities

Thursdays we gather at 10am to pray for those in trouble, sorrow, sickness or adversity.  We use holy oil as a symbol of the anointing of the Holy Spirit. We celebrate with Great Thanksgiving the gifts God has given us.

Saturdays we gather at 5pm to provide an opportunity for those who work on weekends or enjoy a smaller congregation.  We sing joyful songs led by a talented pianist, thank the Lord for all our blessings and break bread together as a community of faith.

Sundays we gather for 2 services 8am and 10am

8 am is Rite I – a quiet, reflective service of Holy Eucharist

9:45 the Nursery opens and WeBelong Christian Education gathers

10 am Rite II is a joyful gathering with full choir, pipe organ and great fellowship afterwards

From time to time we have special services on other days of special obligation which commemorate important events in the life of Jesus Christ and his church:

All Saints’ Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, the Epiphany, Easter Eve and Easter Day, Ascension Day,  the Day of Pentecost, (and all Sundays)

MP4 Audio Sermon Library available 

Sermons or Homilies are crafted to include the sacred message from our readings of the Revised Common Lectionary.  This lectionary is used each Sunday by Episcopalians, Roman Catholics, and most mainline Protestant denominations.  Each sermon includes an interpretative review of the readings for the day, an application of the readings to modern life and reflective questions to ponder during the week.

Sermon Archives Year A Year B Year C

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Worship Opportunities
Thursday 10am Holy Eucharist with Unction (Healing Prayers)
Saturday Afternoon 5pm Casual Vigil Mass
Sunday 8 am Rite I Traditional Language Service with Homily
Sunday 10 am Rite II Family Friendly Holy Eucharist with Choir and Homily
(Baptisms, Confirmations, Weddings and Funerals can be arranged after speaking with the Rector)