Worship With Us

303As an Episcopal church, we follow the traditional liturgy. We use traditional vestments and the historic Rites (both contemporary and traditional language) of the Church. We take our liturgy seriously, but not at the expense of joy and spontaneity. Children are welcome at all of our services.

We are much more concerned about your presence than your clothing. On a typical Sunday, there will be some men in suit and tie, and some in casual slacks and golf shirts. Some women will be in dresses, others in slacks, or dress shorts. Kids and teens come comfortable. We’re just happy they come! Our 5:00 pm Saturday service is the only one with a dress code : Come as you are!

If you are new to the Episcopal tradition, our services generally include readings from four portions of scripture, a sermon which tries to relate the biblical message to our practical lives, prayers and Holy Communion. Our communion is open to all baptized Christians.

Please join us at one of our services. We would love to welcome you to our family.